About Us

About Man Innovation Co.Ltd.

MAN Team

     We are a brilliant group of innovative people. We aim to build innovation tools that make this world living as easy as possible.
     One of our largest project is ERP Automation software which we build for businesses which aim to bring them to connect and work so easy like Facebook!

Vision / Mission / Objectives

- Vision: To make the world of business management as fun as possible!
- Mission: Drive our team through innovative and challenges and create a gian business network where everyone uses the same platform.
- Objectives:
   1. To make ERP System as easy and fun as possible
   2. To create a global business network through BizTech ERP product
   3. To merge ERP system and E-commerce system.
   4. To have all businesses in the world using BizTech ERP product
   5. Then, to see everyone happy with their businesses.

Our History